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Peony ‘Morning Kiss’


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June - July
90cm x 90cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Fully Hardy
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Peony ‘Morning Kiss’ is our enchanting garden performer with its delicate, fragrant, blush-pink blooms. Named for its early appearance, this herbaceous perennial graces your garden like a tender morning embrace. Radiating elegance, ‘Morning Kiss’ provides ample texture and interest with its finely textured petals. Chosen for its early blooming nature, it stands as a delightful addition to your flower beds and makes a wonderful gift!

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Peony 'Morning Kiss' emerges as a gentle botanical ritual, drawing inspiration from the embrace of dawn's first light. This herbaceous perennial unfurls its beauty with large pink and white semi-double blooms in soft hues, evoking the subtlety of a morning kiss. The petals unfold, creating an eye-catching display and a heavy scent that adds a beautiful focal point into your garden. With a height of around 90cm, 'Morning Kiss' is a versatile addition suitable for various garden settings. The finely cut, deep green foliage provides an elegant backdrop, highlighting the understated beauty of the semi-double flowers. 'Morning Kiss' is celebrated for its simplicity, making it an excellent choice for garden beds, borders, or for use as a container plant. Our decision to include 'Morning Kiss' in our collection is fuelled by its romantic nature, reliable performance, and the ability to captivate with each unique bloom. The semi-double flowers, with their subtle hues, become a visually textured focal point in beds, borders, and containers. Ideal for contemporary gardens, city landscapes, or as a statement in cottage-style settings, 'Morning Kiss' Peony not only stands out on its own but also harmonises with plant companions like Hydrangeas, Delphiniums, Alliums, and Baptisia's, creating a garden that truly awakens with vibrant energy.

Planting Conditions

Ensuring a splendid display of Peony 'Morning Kiss' involves thoughtful planting. Plant at the right depth, with peony eyes no more than 3cm below the surface to promote abundant flowering. Improve drainage in heavy soil by incorporating sand or grit during planting. Choose a sheltered spot to guard against strong winds, preventing the top-heavy blooms from swaying. Additionally, consider using a protective cage to support the stem when the large blooms are in full splendour, ensuring these captivating Peonies stand tall and elegant in your garden.

Watering & Feeding

Caring for Peony 'Morning Kiss' involves a mindful approach to watering and feeding. Choose a sunny or partially shaded location with free-draining soil. To enhance drainage in heavy soil, we advise incorporating sand or grit during planting. Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during dry spells, providing gentle hydration without waterlogging as Peonies dislike wet roots. For feeding, apply a balanced fertiliser in early Spring to support robust growth and vibrant blooms. With this thoughtful care routine, your 'Morning Kiss' Peonies will thrive, revealing their large captivating blooms and adding a touch of natural elegance to your garden.

General Care

Tending to Peony 'Morning Kiss' involves a little attentive care. We suggest removing fading flowers promptly and, in Autumn, trim back the plant after the foliage has withered. Keep an eye out for potential challenges, such as leaf and bud eelworm, swift moth larvae in the soil, and be mindful of susceptibility to virus, honey fungus, Verticillium wilt, peony leaf blotch, and peony wilt. By addressing these considerations and removing issues swiftly, your 'Morning Kiss' Peonies will be free to flourish, radiating long-lasting beauty in your garden while remaining healthy and vigorous.