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Polemonium ‘Bambino Blue’
(Jacob's Ladder)


Great for wildlife
Attracts Wildlife
45cm x 30cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Fully Hardy

Polemonium Bambino Blue produces vivid purple clusters atop fern-like foliage, creating a stunning effect in borders from Spring to mid-Summer. We don’t need the ‘RHS Plants For Pollinators’ award to know that this striking perennial attracts wildlife – the beds are always humming with activity. Another reason why we think you’ll love it? It’s a magnificently low-maintenance plant.

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Polemonium 'Bambino Blue' is an early flowering perennial for your garden, where vivid purple clusters of bell-shaped flowers crown the delicate fern-like foliage. Jacob's Ladder creates an early introduction for the growing season that lasts from Spring to mid-Summer, for those that, like us, cannot wait to enjoy colour in their outdoor space. Beds, borders and pots will hum with the harmonious buzz of wildlife, a testament to the irresistible charm this perennial holds for pollinators, awarded the well-recognised RHS Plants For Pollinators 'Bambino Blue' provides forage for a wide variety of declining pollinating insects. Yet, what truly endears 'Bambino Blue' to the hearts of gardeners is its magnificent low-maintenance charm. This perennial gem invites you to indulge in the pleasures of carefree gardening, a visual feast unfolding effortlessly with minimal intervention. Watch as the fern-like leaves gracefully frame the vibrant clusters, painting a scene of natural colour and texture in your borders. And when you just need more, you can cut the fragrant 'Bambino Blue' for use in your cut arrangements indoors too! We recommend pairing your Polemonium with Aquilegia, Hosta and Poppy's for a visually interesting mix of fully hardy perennials that complement each other perfectly.

Planting Conditions

For optimal growth of Polemonium 'Bambino Blue,' we recommend choosing well-drained soil with rich, moist conditions. This perennial thrives in a location with partial to full shade, ensuring protection from intense sunlight. They can be planted in a sunny or shaded spot, but leaf and flower colour are at their best if planted in a position that receives both sun and shade. Adequate spacing of around 12-18 inches allows proper air circulation and prevents overcrowding. Planting in very early Spring or Autumn is advised for successful establishment, avoiding any frosts. 'Bambino Blue' adds a delightful touch to shaded areas, early in the growing season with its clusters of vibrant blue flowers. By following these planting guidelines, you create an environment that encourages the health and vigour of this long lasting perennial in your garden.

Watering & Feeding

We advise maintaining Polemonium 'Bambino Blue' with careful watering and feeding. Keep the soil consistently moist, particularly during dry periods, to support its preference for rich, moist conditions. However, avoid waterlogging, as this perennial appreciates a balanced moisture level. Feeding is undemanding; a general-purpose, slow-release fertiliser in April and again in June provides ample nutrients for healthy growth of more flowers and foliage. However, moderation is key to prevent excessive lushness.

General Care

Polemonium 'Bambino Blue' thrives with simple and effective general care. Regular deadheading, the removal of spent blooms, encourages continuous flowering and maintains a neat appearance. Cutting the plant back after flowering will encourage a second flush of flowers. Monitor for potential pests, such as aphids, and address promptly to preserve the plant's health. Adequate spacing, around 12-18 inches, promotes good air circulation, reducing the risk of fungal issues. While this perennial is generally resilient, occasional grooming and vigilance against common pests contribute to its overall well-being. 'Bambino Blue' stands as an effortless addition to your garden, bringing its delightful blue blossoms to shaded spaces with minimal fuss and maximum appeal.