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Salvia ‘Lyrical White’
(Meadow Sage)


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Attracts Wildlife
60cm x 60cm

Salvia ‘Lyrical White’ is cherished on our nursery for its elegant white blooms that attract pollinators. This hardy perennial is perfect for adding contrast to garden borders, beds, and containers. Its long flowering period ensures a vibrant display throughout the Summer. We love to pair it with English Lavender, Echinacea, or ornamental grasses for a stunning garden combination.

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Salvia Lyrical White, a strikingly handsome plant; set to complete any garden border, edge any path or set off any container with its muted green foliage and elegantly rich and striking white flowers. Our Lyrical White is one of the most versatile showy plants in our Salvia range. It will set off a country garden, a Mediterranean Garden, a Wildlife Garden, a contemporary design or even a modern window box, it is an absolute delight to fit into any garden theme. Salvia Lyrical White is a hardy perennial so will come back each year and is drought tolerant so a perfect little flower to pop in those places your hosepipe won’t quite reach! This versatile beauty brings a variety of pollinators, as it is the one of the best pollinator attractors. You can see why it is one of our most popular Salvia and is resistant to a lot of diseases and even resistant to deer and rabbits! Although handsome, this hardy Salvia is very easy to care for and requires very little maintenance. A few things that keep it happy are sunny sheltered spots in the garden with moist but well drained soil. Once you find the perfect sunny spot, it will throw out plumes of colour all Summer long and a quick trim of the flowers and it will flower again and again throughout the Summer months.

Planting Conditions

Salvia Lyrical White likes any position in the garden with a full level of sun. It prefers a sunny, yet slightly sheltered position and grows well in rich, fertile soils provided they are moist, but well-drained. If your soil does not drain that well we advise that you can add some sand or grit when planting which will help with this. You can tell if your soil is healthy if there is plenty of underground activity such as plant growth, earthworms and fungi.

Watering & Feeding

Salvias can get all the moisture they need from rainfall; once established they are drought tolerant, so is very minimal maintenance if planted into your flowerbeds. Often, intense heat would be the only time it would require an extra drink and throughout its first flowering season. Due to the thick foliage and flowers on our Salvia we recommend watering regularly if in a pot or container, as rain rarely reaches the soil in these conditions. Avoiding wetting the foliage is beneficial to avoid risk of disease. The best way to fertilise your Salvia is by removing any mulch and adding a 1-inch layer of compost. This is best done at the beginning of the Salvia flowering season in June.

General Care

A few simple steps support your Salvia to relentlessly through out plumes of flower all Summer; Deadheading any faded or spent flowers at their base encourages a fresh wave of flowers later in the Summer months. Providing well-draining soil and a sunny spot will keep your Salvia happy and once established it will be drought tolerant. Every few years if you witness a reduction in blooms, you are able to spilt the plant to encourage stronger growth.