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Salvia ‘Merleau Blue’


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Great for wildlife
July - September
25cm x 15cm
Attracts Wildlife
Fully Hardy
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Our head grower admires Salvia ‘Merleau Blue’ for its ability to attract pollinators, earning it the RHS Plants for Pollinators award. This compact perennial delights with its vibrant blue blooms, persisting from May through the Summer months. With its drought tolerance once established, it’s a reliable performer for any garden, providing both visual appeal and ecological benefits.


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Salvia 'Merleau Blue' holds a cherished spot in our collection, beloved for its stunning visual appeal and ecological benefits. Our horticultural team admires this plant for its remarkable ability to attract pollinators, which earned it the esteemed RHS Plants for Pollinators award. This compact perennial boasts vibrant blue blooms that display in the garden from May through the Summer months, adding a burst of colour and vitality to your garden space. Its resilience and low-maintenance nature make it a favourite among gardeners of all levels, thriving even in challenging conditions once established. Salvia 'Merleau Blue' is a versatile plant that compliments various garden styles. In cottage gardens, it adds a pop of colour among traditional flowers like roses and peonies. In contemporary landscapes, its vibrant blooms provide a striking contrast against minimalist designs. It also works well in Mediterranean gardens, where its drought tolerance shines. Whether planted within a border, in containers, or massed in beds, 'Merleau Blue' brings visual interest and biodiversity to any garden style, making it an indispensable addition.

Planting Conditions

Salvia 'Merleau Blue' thrives in well-drained soil with a preference for sandy or loamy compositions. Plant in a location with full sun exposure to encourage prolific flowering. Ensure adequate spacing, allowing for good air circulation around the plant. During planting, amend the soil with compost or organic matter to enhance fertility and drainage. This perennial exhibits resilience to most pests and diseases but benefits from occasional pruning to maintain shape and promote new growth. With these optimal planting conditions, Salvia 'Merleau Blue' will flourish, providing vibrant colour and attracting pollinators to the garden.

Watering & Feeding

We recommend watering Salvia 'Merleau Blue' regularly, especially during periods of prolonged dryness, ensuring the soil remains consistently moist but not waterlogged. Apply water at the base of the plant to avoid wetting the foliage, which can invite fungal diseases. Feed with a balanced fertiliser once a month during the growing season to promote healthy growth and abundant flowering. Mulch around the base of the plant with organic matter to retain moisture and suppress weeds. These watering and feeding practices will support vigorous growth and prolific blooming of your Salvia throughout the season.

General Care

Salvia 'Merleau Blue' generally requires minimal care. Deadhead spent flowers regularly to encourage continuous blooming and maintain a tidy appearance. Prune back the plant in early Spring to remove any dead or damaged growth and encourage fresh growth. Salvia is generally resistant to most diseases and pests, but occasional issues like powdery mildew or aphids may occur. Keep an eye out for signs of these pests and diseases and address them promptly if detected. Overall, Salvia 'Merleau Blue' is a low-maintenance plant that thrives with minimal intervention.