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Scabiosa ‘Flutter Pure White’


Item release date 8 July 2024.
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Great for wildlife
June - August
50cm x 50cm
Attracts Wildlife

Our horticultural team loves Scabiosa ‘Flutter Pure White’ for its elegant, pure white blooms that attract pollinators with their landing pads from early Summer to Autumn. This perennial is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to borders, rock gardens, and containers. It pairs beautifully with plants like English Lavender, Echinacea, and Salvia. Its compact, mounding habit and easy care make it a favourite, thriving in sunny, well-drained areas.

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This compact plant is a marriage made in heaven with wildlife! 'Flutter Pure White' has a pillow pincushion, of delicate pure white blooms born on lance shaped, grey-green leaves. The beautifully pure and understated colour of this Scabiosa looks absolutely fantastic against a worn brick wall or a backdrop of gravel to set off a stunning country garden aesthetic. Why not feature it against an industrial section of your garden to allow it prime position! This versatile hardy perennial of informal beauty suits a country cottage garden or rockery perfectly as well as urban gardens, prairie gardens, pots and containers or wildflower gardens. 'Flutter White Pure' is low-lying and so is perfect for under planting in your borders beneath taller shrubs or roses.  Once you pop it into its home, it will throw out plumes of colour all Summer long. Upon the flowers fading, a quick deadhead, and it will flower again and again between June and August. Historically Scabiosa’s were used to treat Scabies by the Romans, however it’s Latin name ‘to scratch’ lingers on as bees and other wildlife are wildly attracted to its nectar rich pollen. It’s blooms also hold seeds for birds, so it really does form a wealth of activity in your garden! Scabiosa 'Flutter White Pure' is a perennial that is very easy to care for and requires little maintenance.  It enjoys full sun and partially sheltered spots in the garden with moist but well drained soil.

Planting Conditions

Scabiosa Flutter White Pure likes many positions in the garden with a light to full level of sun. It prefers a sunny and sheltered positions and grows well in rich, fertile soils provided they are moist, but well-drained. Sand or grit can be added to support drainage when being planted. You can tell if your soil is healthy if there is plenty of underground activity such as plant growth, earthworms and fungi. Alternatively, you can purchase a testing kit which will let you know what type of soil you have.

Watering & Feeding

We advise watering regularly when in containers, or until well established. At this stage your Scabiosa will thrive on natural rainfall. The best way to fertilise your Scabiosa is by removing any mulch and adding a 1-inch layer of compost. This is best done at the beginning of the spring to give your blooms a boost.

General Care

Scabiosa’s like well-drained soil so if your soil is far too heavy then your Flutter Pure White would probably fare better in pots, containers or even window boxes, such a versatile perennial that is generally disease and pest free! Scabiosa will reliably flower all summer if you dead head the spent flowers away, this will encourage the plant to keep producing new puffs of pincushion blooms. You may also cut back the faded flower stems in autumn, to encourage growth back into the root.