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Silene ‘Rollies Favourite’
(Catchfly (PBR))


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Great for wildlife
May - September
45cm x 45cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Attracts Wildlife
Fully Hardy

Silene ‘Rollies Favourite’ enchants with delicate pink blooms, adorning slender stems in a fairy tale-like display. Recognised by the RHS Plants for Pollinators award, it’s a favourite among gardeners and pollinators alike. Its dense foliage acts as a superb ground cover, suppressing weeds and providing a verdant backdrop. Our head grower loves using it in rock gardens, where it cascades over stones, adding texture and colour to your garden.

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Silene 'Rollies Favourite' is a colourful and long-flowering addition to our range, celebrated for its delicate blooms and its ecological benefits. This perennial gem features clusters of dainty pink flowers that dance atop slender stems, creating a whimsical display reminiscent of a fairy tale garden. Its abundant blooms attract pollinators, earning it the prestigious RHS Plants for Pollinators award. We selected Silene 'Rollies Favourite' for its exceptional ground-covering abilities, making it an invaluable addition to any garden space requiring coverage. Its dense foliage forms a lush carpet, suppressing weeds and providing a verdant backdrop for other garden plants. Our head grower particularly enjoys planting it in rock gardens, where it cascades over stone walls or creeps between rocks, adding texture and colour to the landscape. Beyond its ornamental value, Silene 'Rollies Favourite' contributes to biodiversity by supporting pollinating insects, making it an eco-friendly choice for gardeners. With its resilience and easy-care nature, this perennial is a versatile and delightful addition to both traditional and contemporary garden designs, offering beauty and functionality in equal measure.    

Planting Conditions

Silene 'Rollies Favourite' thrives in fertile, well-drained soil, but it can tolerate poorer soils if they have good drainage. Optimal planting spots include sunny or partially shaded areas, but ensure protection from Winter moisture. Enhance soil quality by incorporating grit and additional organic matter to promote better drainage. This ensures the plant's roots remain healthy and prevents waterlogging, which can lead to root rot. With these planting conditions, Silene 'Rollies Favourite' will flourish and reward with its charming blooms.

Watering & Feeding

During the Summer months, water Silene 'Rollies Favourite' at least once a week until it establishes. However, we advise reducing watering in Winter to prevent waterlogging. Aim for minimal watering during colder months to avoid root rot and fungal diseases. When watering, ensure the soil is moist but not waterlogged. Regarding feeding, apply a balanced fertiliser in Spring to support healthy growth and blooming. By adhering to these watering and feeding practices, you'll promote robust growth and vibrant flowering in your Silene 'Rollies Favourite'.

General Care

To ensure optimal performance, we recommend pruning Silene 'Rollies Favourite' after flowering by half to encourage repeat blooming. In Autumn, trim back the foliage to the base to promote healthy regrowth in the following season. This routine maintenance enhances the plant's vigour and blooming potential. Silene varieties generally exhibit good resistance to common pests and diseases, but regular monitoring for signs of issues such as powdery mildew or aphids is recommended. Swift action to address any problems ensures the continued health and vitality of your Silene 'Rollies Favourite'.