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Tiarella ‘Pink Skyrocket’
(Foam Flower)


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Great for wildlife
May - July
30cm x 30cm
Partial Shade, Shade
Award Winner
Fully Hardy

More suited to shade than their Heuchera cousins, Tiarellas are perfect for a woodland or cottage garden setting. We love ‘Pink Skyrocket’ as it is one of the longest flowering Tiarellas, producing a mass of starry pink flowers from the Spring. In Autumn, the foliage turns bronze if grown in sun, or almost black if in the shade. ‘Pink Skyrocket’ is great for ground cover.

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Tiarella are valued for both their impressive display of flowers and attractive foliage. They are more suited to shade than their Heuchera cousin's making them perfect for a woodland or cottage garden setting. 'Pink Skyrocket' is one of the longest flowering Tiarella, producing a mass of starry pink flowers from the Spring. The deeply cut palmate leaves look like they have been delicately hand-painted. In Autumn, the foliage turns bronze if grown in sun, or almost black if in the shade. This low growing, semi-evergreen perennial is great to use for ground cover. Tiarella 'Pink Skyrocket' is a strategic addition to our plant range, chosen for its exceptional foliage and unique qualities as a shade-loving perennial. With unique feathery pink flower spikes that bloom from late Spring to early Summer, this variety stands out for its extended flowering period, ensuring a long-lasting burst of colour in shaded environments. The fantastic foliage of 'Pink Skyrocket' adds an extra layer of visual interest, making it an appealing choice for both novice and experienced gardeners. This low-maintenance gem caters to the needs of shade-loving gardens, thriving in partial to full shade and well-drained soil. Its compact, mounding habit allows for versatile placement in different garden designs, including borders, woodland gardens, and containers. 'Pink Skyrocket' is not just a delightful visual addition but also a testament to our commitment to offering plants that bring lasting beauty to your outdoor space.

Planting Conditions

Achieve optimal growth with Tiarella 'Pink Skyrocket' by adhering to specific planting conditions by selecting a well-drained, humus-rich soil with a slightly acidic to neutral ph. This perennial thrives in partial to full shade, mimicking its natural woodland habitat. Adequate spacing, around 12-18 inches, ensures good air circulation and optimal growth. Plant in early Spring or Autumn for seamless establishment, but avoid planting in frost. 'Pink Skyrocket' brings a burst of charming pink blooms to shaded areas. Following these planting guidelines, characterised by the right soil composition and light exposure, helps to set the stage for a stunning display of Tiarella's in your garden.

Watering & Feeding

To foster the vibrancy of Tiarella 'Pink Skyrocket,' adopt a mindful approach to watering and feeding. Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during dry spells, as this perennial appreciates a humid environment. However, avoid waterlogging by ensuring well-drained soil. Feeding is modest; a balanced, slow-release fertiliser in early Spring provides sufficient nutrients for healthy growth without promoting excessive lushness. Moderation is key to prevent overfeeding. With careful attention to watering and feeding, 'Pink Skyrocket' will reward you with its charming pink blooms, creating an enchanting atmosphere in your shaded garden spaces without overwhelming maintenance.

General Care

Caring for Tiarella 'Pink Skyrocket' is straightforward, enhancing its resilience and charm in your garden. Regularly remove faded blooms to encourage prolonged flowering and maintain a tidy appearance. Cut back and compost the spent flower stems in Autumn and apply a dry mulch around the crown of the plant to protect against frost damage. Protect from excessive winter wet. Monitor for pests, like aphids, addressing them promptly to safeguard plant health. Adequate spacing, around 12-18 inches, promotes good air circulation and minimises the risk of fungal issues. This perennial thrives in shaded environments with well-drained soil. With minimal fuss and thoughtful care, 'Pink Skyrocket' becomes a delightful addition, gracing your garden with its long-lasting pink spires and contributing to the beauty of your outdoor space.