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Phlox Famous White Eye
(Garden Phlox)


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June - September
100cm x 100cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Foliage Colour
Fully Hardy
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Phlox Famous White Eye is a stunning and captivating cultivar of phlox that is sure to catch the eye. This particular variety features clusters of beautiful, fragrant flowers with pure white petals and a distinct, dark purple eye at the center of each bloom. The contrasting colors create a striking and dramatic effect, making Famous White Eye a standout in any garden or landscape. This phlox cultivar blooms abundantly during the summer months, attracting pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds with its nectar-rich flowers.

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Phlox bear many brightly coloured flowers atop light green foliage that look gorgeous in a mixed bed or border.  'Famous White Eye' has clusters of fragrant white flowers with a pink eye in its centre, and looks great in a pot on the patio or in urban gardens.

Planting Conditions

Phlox should be planted in a spot with plenty of access to sunlight in well drained soil. Traditionally planted in drifts and can also be mixed with ornamental grasses or foliage plants

Watering & Feeding

Water well especially in dryer periods.

General Care

Deadheading often will maintain Phlox's vigour. Cut back to the base in late Autumn or early winter.