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Aubrieta Collection – 6 x 10.5cm ‘Kitte Blue’ 6 plants

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Great for wildlife
April - June
10cm x 60cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Attracts Wildlife
Fully Hardy

Our Aubrieta ‘kitte Blue’ collection is a vibrant ensemble of evergreen alpines, transforming your garden into a colourful haven in late Spring and early Summer. This easy-to-grow variety is a versatile ground cover, ideal for rockeries, containers, and border edges. 6  Aubrieta plants in violet-Blue hues that will create a picturesque display, much loved by bees and wildlife – this collection adds a touch of early life to your garden.


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Aubrieta takes centre stage in early Spring, transforming your garden into a vibrant tapestry of colour and texture. Selected for its exceptional performance and versatility, this collection on 6 plants is a testament to the beauty and resilience of ground-covering plants. As the first signs of the growing season emerge, Aubrieta unfurls its dazzling display of blossoms, creating a picturesque carpet of violet blue hues. Championed for its easy-to-grow nature, the Aubrieta Collection becomes a reliable and low-maintenance solution for gardeners seeking a quick burst of colour. These hardy perennials not only provide an excellent ground cover but they also thrive in various soil conditions, making them adaptable to a variety of garden landscapes. With its cascading foliage and profusion of early blooms, the Aubrieta Collection will provide some much deserved early-season charm. Ideal for rock gardens, slopes, or as a border accent, these plants transform your outdoor space into a captivating haven. Our horticultural team believes the Aubrieta Collection allows you to enjoy the simplicity of planting, and ensures a spectacular show of colour and a lush ground cover that heralds the arrival of Spring with ease.

Planting Conditions

Creating a vibrant tapestry with the Aubrieta Collection requires some mindful planting. Opt for well-drained soil with a slightly alkaline to neutral pH, ensuring optimal growing conditions. Choose a sunny position, providing at least six hours of sunlight daily, for these resilient perennials to thrive. Plant during the early Spring or Autumn, but avoiding planting in frosts, allowing them to establish roots before the growing season. With this strategic approach to planting, the Aubrieta Collection will reward your garden with a profusion of colourful blooms that are easy to grow and require very little maintenance, transforming your space into a delightful space.

Watering & Feeding

Nurturing the vibrant Aubrieta Collection involves a balanced approach to watering and feeding. In the first year, provide regular watering during dry spells, aiding their establishment. Once settled, these resilient plants exhibit impressive drought tolerance, requiring minimal watering. Feed sparingly in early Spring with a balanced fertiliser to support healthy growth and abundant blooms. Embracing this gentle watering and feeding routine ensures the Aubrieta Collection thrives, becoming a resilient and colourful carpet in your garden that effortlessly withstands the changing seasons.

General Care

Maintaining the vibrant Aubrieta Collection involves a little thoughtful care, considering potential challenges. After flowering, a light trim not only enhances its appearance and will encourage the production of new shoots, but also discourages potential diseases. Be vigilant for pests such as aphids or caterpillars and address them promptly. Every 2 or 3 years, divide the clump to promote healthy growth and mitigate disease risk. This routine ensures your Aubrieta remains resilient, creating a lasting carpet of colour in your garden. By incorporating these practices, you fortify your garden against potential issues, fostering a thriving display of Aubrieta.