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Rose Birthday Boy
(Perfect for Gifts)


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April - November
100cm x 100cm
Fully Hardy

Rose Birthday Boy, Because gifting socks is too cliche! The green gift that keeps on giving! With blooms as lively as a surprise party, this rose is here to celebrate every day like it’s your garden’s birthday. Unwrap the joy!

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What could be better than receiving the gift of a rose for a birthday, wedding, retirement or anniversary? A tradition we relish. Our Perfect Gift Roses are the ideal opportunity for you to show the people you love just how much you care. Our Perfect Gift Roses are carefully bred, grown and curated to provide you with the healthiest and finest roses to enjoy for a lifetime. The Birthday Boy rose is a renowned member of our Perfect Gift range and provides you the opportunity to gift a floral celebration to blossom in your garden for years to come. This rose variety is the perfect gift from nature, with vibrant, cheerful, large fully-double clusters in shades of lilac to magenta-pink, it captures the spirit of birthdays and special occasions and blooms throughout Summer and Autumn. Complementing the striking blooms is the bushy, lush, dark green glossy foliage of the Birthday Boy rose. This backdrop provides a vivid contrast, emphasizing the overall visual appeal of this radiant rose and provides a lasting focal point in your garden space. The name itself, "Birthday Boy," carries a joyful message. It's an exquisite and living present that expresses your affection and good wishes. This rose is not just a gift but a reminder of happy moments that are echoed with every waft of it's floral scent around the garden. The Birthday Boy rose is the perfect addition to your garden, adding a touch of cheer and festivity. Its moderate size and prolific blooming make it an ideal choice for various garden settings, from beds and borders, pots and containers and enjoyed in many garden designs.

Planting Conditions

To ensure successful growth of the Birthday Boy Rose, follow these planting conditions. Choose a location that receives a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. You need to opt for well-drained soil rich in organic matter, enhancing the plant's growth. Maintain proper spacing to allow healthy air circulation between plants and ensure the graft union is at or slightly above ground level when planting. Ensuring that the graft union (i.e. where the cultivar joins the rootstock and the point from which the branches originate) is at soil level (not below as this is reported to increase the risk of rose dieback). Keep the soil consistently moist without over-watering, focusing on deep watering at the root zone. With these planting conditions in place, your Birthday Boy Rose will thrive, gracing your garden with its vibrant blooms and inviting fragrance.

Watering & Feeding

Watering and feeding the Birthday Boy Rose is paramount to maintain its health and amplify its stunning allure. When it comes to watering, aim for consistent soil moisture, ensuring the root zone is deeply saturated, especially during dry spells or warm periods. Morning watering is advised to allow the foliage to dry during the day, reducing the risk of fungal diseases. It's beneficial to avoid overhead watering to prevent fungal issues. The application of organic compost around the rose's base helps in preserving soil moisture, regulating temperature, and inhibiting weed growth. For feeding, use a slow release rose fertiliser and adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines regarding application rates and schedules. Typically, roses benefit from two primary feedings, usually in Spring and late Spring or early Summer. By diligently implementing these watering and feeding practices, your rose will flourish, gracing your garden for years to come.

General Care

Caring for the Birthday Boy Rose involves a set of practices to ensure its health and vitality, enhancing its stunning beauty year after year. Regular pruning is essential, typically carried out during late Winter or early Spring when the plant is dormant. This entails removing dead or diseased branches, shaping the plant, and stimulating fresh growth and continuous blooming. To maintain prolific flowering throughout the growing season, it's crucial to practice deadheading. This encourages the production of new flowers and keeps the rose looking pristine.