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Acer palmatum Jerre Schwartz 14L (130cm+)
(Japanese Maple)


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Great for wildlife
2m x 1m (10+ years)
Partial Shade
Easy Care
Fully Hardy
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Acer palmatum ‘Jerre Schwartz’ is a fairly compact Japanese Maple with an upright habit. The finely dissected leaves emerge in April with a distinct pink flush, in summer the leaves turn red with a touch of green, before turning bright red in autumn. A great choice for a large pot on the patio, or a specimen planted in the garden.

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Japanese Acers require a sheltered position in partial shade, planting in full sun will cause the leaves to scorch. A position with morning sun and afternoon shade is perfect. They grow well in most soils except very dry, waterlogged or alkaline conditions. Water regularly during the first season. If planting in a container more regular watering will be required - this could be at least once a day in hot weather. Add a layer of composted mulch to the surrounding area after planting and each year in spring. Mulching protects the roots from the heat in summer, the cold in winter and reduces the frequency of watering. Be careful not to mulch too close to the stem as it could cause rotting. Trimming to remove dead or crossing branches and to maintain shape should be done when the Acer is dormant (November to early February). Make sure to prune back to a bud – this means cutting just above the bud. If you leave any excess wood above the bud, the dieback could become diseased.    

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