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Cistus ‘Creticus’
(Cretan Rockrose)


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June - July
100cm x 100cm
Award Winner
Fully Hardy
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The Pink Rockrose is an evergreen shrub with bright papery pink-purple flowers with a yellow centre that looks brilliant particularly in warm coastal gardens. It’s low maintenance combined with it’s short height of 100cm make it a perfect shrub for borders in need of colour during the Summer and look wonderful planted with Lavender or planted en-masse.


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Cistus 'Creticus' or Rockrose is a radiant wonder in the botanical realm, showcasing its Mediterranean charm with ease. This evergreen shrub, native to the island of Crete, captures your eye with its silver-green foliage and an abundance of large, papery pink-purple flowers that bring warmth and interest to your landscape. The delicate, crepe-paper-like blooms, with golden stamens, infuse the air with a subtle, sweet fragrance, creating a sensory oasis in your garden. Reaching a height of around 100cm, 'Creticus' is a compact and hardy addition to the garden. Its evergreen silver-green leaves provide a year-round display, while the profusion of blooms appears in late Spring and early Summer, adding a burst of vitality to your garden design. Drought-tolerant and sun-loving, this Cistus variety thrives in well-drained soil and is an ideal choice for Mediterranean and warm coastal gardens. Chosen for its resilience and striking aesthetics, Cistus 'Creticus' effortlessly transforms garden borders and rocky landscapes. Its low-maintenance nature and ability to thrive in challenging conditions make it a favoured selection for those seeking a touch of Mediterranean charm in their outdoor space. This Rockrose has been awarded the prestigious RGS Garden Merit Award signifying the plant's excellence, reliability, and suitability for UK gardens, granted after rigorous RHS assessments and we are proud it features in our range.

Planting Conditions

Establishing a thriving Cistus 'Creticus' begins with a few simple planting considerations; select a sunny location, ensuring this Mediterranean rock rose receives ample sunlight to foster robust growth and prolific flowering. Optimal planting time is during the warm seasons of Spring or early Autumn, allowing the plant to establish resilient roots before facing extreme temperatures. Embrace well-drained, sandy soil, replicating its native habitat, and consider planting in raised beds to enhance drainage. With these thoughtful planting conditions, your 'Creticus' Cistus will flourish in your garden with its resilient nature and will showcase an abundance of blooms.

Watering & Feeding

Cistus 'Creticus' boasts a carefree demeanour, particularly with its watering and feeding. Keep the soil consistently well-drained, emulating its Mediterranean origins. Water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry between watering sessions. This approach mirrors the plant's natural habitat and promotes resilience. 'Creticus' generally thrives without significant feeding, but a well-balanced, slow-release fertiliser in early Spring can enhance its overall health. By adopting this low-maintenance watering and feeding routine, you ensure a flourishing display of vibrant blooms, showcasing a long-enduring Mediterranean rock rose in your garden.

General Care

Embracing the effortless charm of Cistus 'Creticus' involves minimal care and pruning. This resilient rock rose typically requires little intervention. Gently prune after flowering to shape the plant and encourage a compact form. Remove any dead or damaged growth for a neat appearance. Cistus 'Creticus' is generally resistant to pests and diseases, reducing the need for extensive care measures. With its low-maintenance nature, this Mediterranean shrub adds a touch of elegance to your garden, showcasing its captivating blooms and textured foliage without demanding any significant attention.