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Eucalyptus Azura 6.5L (70-80cm)
(Cider Gum)

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Great for wildlife
July - August
5m x 3m (10+ years)
Cut Flowers
Fully Hardy

Eucalyptus ‘Azura’ is a compact evergreen tree/shrub that is perfect for smaller gardens. As well as being more compact than other Eucalyptus it’s also much hardier, making it particularly well suited to British gardens. The beautiful blue-green leaves provide year round interest and have a gorgeous fresh fragrance. A popular foliage for using in bouquets and arrangements. This Eucalyptus works well in larger pots, when trimmed to keep in shape, or as a larger specimen planted out.

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Eucalyptus are easy to grow provided you give them a sunny, but sheltered position in a moist, but well-drained soil. Water well during the first season, especially if planted in a container. Eucalyptus don't usually require any fertiliser if planted in the garden, but you may want to add some slow release fertiliser in spring or summer if planted in a container. Pruning can be done to maintain shape, encourage more bushy growth or corrective pruning for badly placed or unstable branches. Most pruning should ideally be done in March/April, but light summer pruning can be done to maintain size/shape. Autumn and winter pruning should be avoided.    

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