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Fuchsia ‘Hardy Hawkshead’


Great for wildlife
June - October
100cm x 50cm
Partial Shade, Sun
Attracts Wildlife
Fully Hardy
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Loved on our nursery is Fuchsia ‘Hardy Hawkshead’ for its elegant, slender white flowers with a hint of green. This hardy variety thrives in borders and containers, providing a long flowering period from Summer until the first frosts of Winter. It brightens shaded corners of the garden and pairs well with Hostas and Ferns. Its graceful blooms attract pollinators, enhancing garden biodiversity and bringing beauty and wildlife to your garden.

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Superb and vigorous fuchsia that has an upright and bushy habit. Produces masses of elegant, slim, white flowers with a hint of pink and green tips and will continuously flower from early summer until the first signs of frost. The flowers sparkle against the small dark green foliage and they will remain pure white even in full sun. The Fuchsia 'Hardy Hawkshead' is an enchanting shrub that brings a delicate and graceful charm to any garden or landscape. Its cascading branches are adorned with elegant, pure white flowers, creating a serene and ethereal display. The blossoms of this Fuchsia  are bell-shaped and dainty, adding a touch of elegance to its overall appearance. Against the backdrop of deep green foliage, the white blooms stand out, creating a lovely contrast. This hardy shrub is known for its ability to withstand colder temperatures and adapt to various soil conditions. Its compact growth habit makes it ideal for containers, hanging baskets, or as a border plant. The Fuchsia Hardy Hawkshead is a timeless beauty, adding a touch of tranquillity and sophistication to outdoor spaces with its exquisite blooms and resilient nature.

Planting Conditions

This plant is a full sun or partial shade lover.

Watering & Feeding

During the first year water regularly during dry periods, decreasing to every other week once established.

General Care

In early to mid spring cut back the previous year's flowering stems, and also remove anything that looks thin or weak as this promotes fresh strong growth.