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Winter Garden Jobs

Winter is a time to take stock, tidy up, protect and plan. It can feel a little miserable for gardeners as winter bites but there is still plenty to do to make sure you are taking care of your garden and ready for new growth. Here we take a look at some of the winter garden jobs you can do in preparation for lighter, brighter, warmer days!

Take Stock

Now is the perfect time to have a look at what you’ve got and decide what you need. Spring is a good time to lift and divide any herbaceous perennials so it’s useful to make a list and consider where you might want to put them. This article has useful information on how to divide your perennials.

It’s also a good idea to have a wander round the garden and check if anything needs to be fixed, broken fences, gates, or cold frames may be in need of repair. Check out your tools too, do your secateurs need sharpening, is the handle loose on your garden spade or fork? It might also be a good idea to book the lawnmower in for a service so it’s ready for that first cut and you’re not trying to get things fixed when everyone else is. 

Tidy Up

Part of everyone’s winter garden jobs should be a spot of tidying up. Clean tools, wash gloves and aprons and get stuck in to the greenhouse or potting shed, so it’s clean, tidy and organised for the growing season.

Our winters seem to be so wet and windy so keeping on top of fallen twigs and branches and other debris is a good idea. You may find some of the containers you previously moved need moving again to more sheltered areas. 


Much of this will have been done in the autumn but if needed you can mulch root areas again, if they look in need of a little more as it helps to protect the roots. If you have used horticultural fleece it’s worth checking it is still secure and providing suitable protection against frost. 

If you have overwintered tender plants in the greenhouse check your heating or insulation is still working correctly. 

It’s worth mentioning the value of leaving the previous seasons’ growth on more tender plants until spring. If you’ve done this that’s great but if not it’s worth keeping a note for next year, Penstemon, is a good example of a plant that really benefits from this, as this provides valuable frost protection during the winter.

Don’t forget the birds too, as part of your winter garden jobs. They still need a little protecting as food is scarce, so top up your bird feeders and hang out fat balls. If you’ve created a lot of fat over Christmas or from a Sunday roast, you can make your own.


With your winter garden jobs done it’s time for a cuppa and a little planning. We are currently offering 30% off our plants during Janaury so why not take a look at what’s on offer. Make sure you choose plants that are suited to your garden and the area you will be planting them in. If you’ve any questions you can always contact us.

Choose plants that are reliably hardy and suited to your growing conditions. Also consider what you are trying to achieve, there are plants that attract wildlife, make great cut flowers or are particularly known for being drought tolerant, this is often a consideration if you are planting in the shade or close to trees. If you also plant vegetable beds or pots now is a good time to think about what you might want to grow in the spring

It’s not all about planting, a little internet browsing might help you spot a new bargain greenhouse, potting shed or garden furniture. Or do a little research if you are looking for a bespoke garden treat, like a new firepit, we love these by The Woodee they are local to us in Herefordshire.

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